About Game Changers

"Lives restored & destinies fulfilled"

Mission: To promote successful reentry and reduce recidivism; by educating, equipping and empowering individuals with the necessary resources, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities.

Vision: The vision of Game Changers is to be the most sought after solution for Re-entry at both the state and National level; empowering our Clients to experience individual healing, personal transformation, and family reunification.

Success Plan:

  • Changing mindsets through mentoring, education and advocacy to invoke cognitive thinking.
  • Providing clients with the interpersonal support enabling them to positively engage in problem solving, further increasing their confidence and self-worth.
  • Restoring lives through service programs tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients.


Programs & Services


It costs more than $25,000 to incarcerate someone in a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility for one year and approximately $3,500 per year for probation; incarceration in a state prison can run as high as $45,000 per year or more.

History of the Game Changers

"Lives restored & destinies fulfilled"

Without the development of effective approaches for reducing recidivism, the problem is certain to grow. The number of Americans behind bars has increased steadily and now includes more than 2.1 million men and women. Almost all of them will eventually be released, and, unless something changes, more than half of them will not be successful in reentering their communities and will return to prison. We believe that through mentoring and counseling that individual healing can and will take place.


Success Stories

  • I’m Kenneth Cooper and in 1992, I was sentenced to Life plus 79 years in prison. After serving 25 years, I was released April 2017. I was released to my older brother and hero Cedric Cooper and immediately found my way to Dr. Rhonda Travitt and Restoring the Years Global Ministries where I have received and heard sound counsel for the last year consistently. Dr. Travitt has mentored me from a place of no return, the impact and influence in my life is without question and has become evident in my daily life and the progress that I’ve made since being released. I’m now a freshman in college, pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Communications. I’m an active servant in the Ministry, serving as the Altar Priest, Prison Ministry and over the Birthday Ministry. I’m grateful for the wisdom and strength of Dr. Travitt and Game Changers for being willing to go to the trenches and find treasures. Game Changers is providing individuals as myself a platform to present what a second chance in life looks like.
    Kenneth Cooper